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How Well Do You Know TAPS

Grief like the ocean, comes in waves, only to recede, and yet come again, bringing healing.  Memories wash ashore, bathed in golden sunlight.  Embrace these memories and let them fill the void.”  - Unknown

Of all the military bugle calls, Taps is the most easily recognized. The melody elicits deep emotion inside an individual – it is even more profound when a person has suffered the loss of a loved one.  Every note can be felt as it is played by a lone bugler in a Military Funeral Service.  TAPS is also the acronym for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS).  This amazing non-profit service organization is taking the lead on an event in Sept to walk the halls of Congress and visit Congressmen and Senators to gather support and cosponsors for the most important bills which impact military surviving spouses including AB-46.  In addition to Advocacy Week in September TAPS offers support to Surviving Spouses and their family members.


What is the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)?

TAPS is a U.S. nonprofit organization, founded in 1994, that provides comfort, care, and support to all those who have lost a loved one who served in the U.S. military. Compassionate TAPS staff members provide resources, including peer-based support, grief counseling, casework assistance, and connections to community-based care. TAPS helps survivors cope with the profound loss of their military or veteran loved ones and provides a supportive network of understanding individuals who have experienced similar tragedies. 

  • Who can access TAPS services?
  • TAPS services are available to anyone who is grieving the death of someone who served in the U.S. armed forces, regardless of the relationship to the deceased. This includes spouses, children, parents, siblings, extended family members, battle buddies, and friends.
  • What types of services does TAPS provide?
  • TAPS provides a wide range of services and support to military and veteran survivors. Key TAPS services include:
  • Grief Support — TAPS offers grief counseling and emotional support in the form of one-on-one counseling, support groups, and specialized grief camps for children, teens, and families to help survivors cope with the loss of their loved ones.
  • Peer Support — TAPS connects survivors with peer-support networks, where they can interact with others who have experienced similar losses. These connections help create a sense of understanding and camaraderie among those who share the same journey.
  • Casework Assistance — The organization provides practical assistance in navigating administrative and financial matters related to the loss of a service member or veteran, including benefits coordination, legal support, and help with paperwork.
  • Online Resources — TAPS offers an extensive collection of online resources, including articles, videos, and educational materials on trauma, grief, and coping strategies across all ages, relationships to the deceased, and manners of death.
  • 24/7 Military Survivor Helpline — Since 1994, the TAPS 24/7 National Military Survivor Helpline has provided immediate support and assistance to all callers grieving the death of a military or veteran loved one.
  • Care and Connections — TAPS helps survivors connect with community-based resources, support services, and other organizations that can offer additional help and understanding.
  • How much do TAPS services cost?
  • All core services provided by TAPS are free of charge for survivors. With the help of generous donors, TAPS is committed to ensuring that all who are grieving a military death receive the support they need. TAPS provides support regardless of the circumstances of the death, the length of time since loss, the relationship to the deceased, or the duty status at the time of death.
  • What is the TAPS 24/7 Helpline?
  • The TAPS 24/7 Helpline is staffed by trained professionals who provide emotional support, resources, and information. The Helpline is available around the clock for anyone who has been impacted by a military death.

You can reach TAPS by calling their toll-free helpline at 800-959-TAPS (8277). You can also contact them through email at

If you need any other information about TAPS I am here to help you get connected.

Diane Acquistapace  |  Surviving Spouse Liaison  | 510-366-9049  |

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